Client: Hackney Borough Council
Contract Value: £30k
Sector: Government

Hackney service centre built by Geoffrey Osborne Ltd in 2009 has a stunning glazed roof system with built-in solar panels. Due to other contractors defects the roof started to leak and is a good example of why regular building maintenance is essential to ensure ongoing performance of glazing systems.

Birds regularly visit the roof of this building and bird faeces are organic and fertile which encourages moss to grow, as well as being corrosive. Over time, this has a detrimental effect on the building fabric, such as mastic being eroded and eaten away by the birds, with moss roots and holes leading to leaks.

Osborne had been approached to rectify leaks due to lack of maintenance rather than any latent defects. NACWL  contracted to remove existing damaged mastic and establish a compatible mastic for reapplication. This involved working from the existing roof access system which required updating to 2017 safety standards.


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